Consumer A.I. Awards FAQ

Easy! Just head on over to our nomination form, fill out the details and don’t forget to list why you think they deserve to be nominated. Our team will review and update accordingly. 

First of all, congratulations! You will recive a congratulatory nomination email with an acceptance button. Accepting the nomination is a simple process; click on the button in the received email and fill in the form! Note, if you are nominated in more than one category, you must fill in the form for each category you are nominated.

No worries, you can nominate your app or project again HERE if you cannot find your acceptance email. Please check your spam folders. If you are still experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


Most likely a customer or fan of your app nominated you. We strictly comply with GPDR and do not track who has nominated the respective app or project. Moreover, nominated projects must accept nominations to participate in the Consumer A.I. Awards.

Each category will have three (3) winners in the respective season; one (1) marked with the gold badge, one (1) marked with the silver badge, and one (1) marked with the bronze badge. After the nominations are closed, there will be 14 days selection process by the Judging board members where profiles of projects will be analyzed and winners will be selected.
The benefits of competition are:
• Recognition as a leader in your category
• Permanent link back to your project
• Our goal is to recognize the most promising and useful AI projects and help them get promoted and even more exposed to their customers as winners of specific categories!
• We offer our winners’ services, products, and many other benefits from competition sponsors.
• Winners will be featured in different media.

Yes, an entry fee is required and it includes inclusion into our directory of A.I. Projects. This directory entry will be valid for the period in which you’re participating.