Celebrating Breakthroughs in Consumer Technology

Welcome to the Consumer AI Awards, the definitive platform for recognizing and celebrating the most innovative and impactful AI projects from around the globe. Dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, where creativity meets technology.


What We Do:

We shine a light on the best and brightest in AI, providing a stage for these technological marvels to be recognized. From business to health and wellness solutions, our awards cover a wide array of categories, reflecting the diverse potential of AI.

Health & Wellness

AI Awards in Health & Wellness: Celebrating AI innovations in healthcare, from early detection to personalized treatments and mental health improvement.

Music & Audio

Celebrating AI's role in redefining music creation, sharing, and sound innovation in the auditory arts.

Visual Design & Photography

Recognizing groundbreaking AI tools that revolutionize design aesthetics and photographic artistry.

Social Media

Showcasing AI's innovative influence in enhancing social networking, content curation, and user engagement.


Celebrating AI breakthroughs in video production, editing, and enhancement, redefining the art of visual storytelling.


Celebrate the AI innovations improving productivity in the AI Awards' Productivity category. These solutions streamline workflows and enhance efficiency, making businesses smarter and life easier. Applaud the technology setting new benchmarks for efficiency!


Explore the Business category, highlighting AI's transformative role in reshaping commerce, strategy, and operations. Celebrating solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and innovation, this category acknowledges AI's profound impact on the business world's evolution.

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